Looking professional…it’s worth a (head)shot!

Gone are the days of cropping out your friends from a group photo for your profile picture. Gone are the days of only needing a Facebook picture.

With Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram (just to name a few…) joining the online presence party—it’s possible you have at least four different profile pictures to worry about. Don’t think it matters? Well, it does. Social media is just one of the many reasons!

Nowadays, your first impression—most of the time—is made online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional in your respective industry, own your own business, are a student, an athlete, or an artist—everyone likes to make a good first impression. Everyone also likes to feel beautiful. We can help you accomplish both!

Here’s the deal. Bellamore Beauty is partnering up with Alana Marie Photography  (the amazing photography responsible for most of the images throughout our site) to bring you a full headshot package on April 15. All you need to do is secure your spot by emailing alanamarieephotography@gmail.com, and show up! For a special price of $200, this package includes:

  • Full hair and makeup by Bellamore Beauty

  • A 30-minute portrait session with Alana Marie Photography

  • Five fully edited high resolution digital images (with the option to purchase more)

If this date doesn’t work for you, that’s okay! We will be holding more sessions in the future so give us a shout and we will make sure you’re included on the next one. If you’re still wondering why you might need our help, or why your profile pictures or business images might need updating—keep reading!

What Makes a Good Headshot?

With the increase of profile images across many different platforms—we’ve seen it all. The selfies, the obvious self-timer portrait attempts, cropped group photos, and yes, those out of date pictures at high school graduation, or a party pic with a drink in hand. If you are guilty of any of these, that’s ok! You are not alone and we can help.

3-28-2018 8-53-24 AM.png

A good, clean, and professional headshot contains some basic elements that we’ve outlined below, but remember that they are ultimately about showcasing you, and whatever makes you unique! These photos don’t have to be “boring” to be professional—they can be beautiful, unique, and lively!

Natural Makeup

This is where we come in. We agree—the most natural look is sans-makeup! But, on camera, your natural features can be washed out or understated. With the help of professional makeup artistry, we can enhance your already beautiful features—so that you still look like you. If you do want a heavier makeup look, we can work with you to achieve what you are looking for—while keeping it classy!

The Right Outfit

You know your hair and eye color better than anyone. If there’s a certain colour that enhances this—headshot day is a great day to wear it! As a rule of thumb, it’s best to stay away from distracting patterns, or deeply cut tops. If you own your own business and will be using these pictures on business cards or in advertisements—stay away from black or white tops, or you may end up with a floating head on black or white backgrounds!

The Right Pose

Smiling or serious? We recommend both! What do you do with your hands? What angle should your head be at? All of that can be overwhelming and difficult to figure out without a mirror, which is why it’s important to trust the direction provided by your photographer. A good photographer will make sure you are in a flattering, natural pose, and will move you through different variations so you have lots of options to pick from.

Good Lighting

Natural lighting, or lighting that mimics it, is key. Professional photographers have an eye for it, know how to work with it (or create it); to highlight your natural beauty in a soft, welcoming way. We want you to feel and look your best—and a (good) professional photographer knows how to eliminate unflattering shadows, give you a glow, and smooth your skin ...and that is before they have done any editing!

The Right Editing

What if your skin decides to break out on the day of headshots? No worries. With a professional’s edits, your photo can achieve ultimate potential through their use of top of the line editing software. No need to reschedule!

High Quality Images

When you take your own photo on your phone, it can be limiting. The size, quality, and resolution of the photo won’t look good across all platforms. With a professional, you will be sent high resolution images that you can use for any purpose, at any size. If you want your face on a billboard, you’re photo is good to go!\

How Do I Prep For My Headshot Session?

If you’ve made it this far, and decided it’s time to update your headshots —we’d like to share how you can make the most of shoot day! There are a few things you can do to prepare to make the most of your makeup and hair session with us, and your thirty minutes with Alana, or other photographer.

Set and Communicate Your Vision

We recognize everyone’s individuality and unique vision. IF you’re a comedian you may want a different head shot than a therapist. Consider your profession or brand, and what you want to represent. Is it more serious and professional? Artistic? Playful? There are so many options. If you can find examples of headshots you’d like to imitate, all the better!

Prepare Your Outfit

Once you’ve decided on your outfit, make sure it is photoshoot ready! Editing can work some serious magic, but don’t rely on it to fix everything. Break out the steamer, iron, or whatever else you need to do to have your outfit looking as crisp, clean and proper as possible.

Fresh Face, Natural Hair, Open Mind!

Lastly, we ask that you arrive to your time slot on headshot day with a fresh, moisturized face (no makeup at all), natural, dry and clean hair (down), complete with a beautiful smile and open mind. Remember, we are here to help you make your perfect first impression—and have a lot of fun while doing it!

We can’t wait to help you create that perfect headshot.


Bellamore Beauty