All About Boudoir


At Bellamore Beauty we LOVE Boudoir. The entire concept is truly special. Selfishly, we adore doing boudoir hair and makeup - it's sultry, sexy and lots of fun for our team, but more than that we love the confidence that a Boudoir session brings our clients. It truly is an amazing thing to do for yourself and as a bonus, the photos make a great gift for your special someone. When thinking about Boudoir it really is important that you choose a photographer you can trust and feel comfortable with. Since you may or may not have any experience in front of the camera you want a photographer who will direct you into the most flattering angles and lighting. When I did my session with Monica from Red Bloom Photography it felt like a workout more than anything, but that exactly what I needed because the photos turned out amazing! Editing is small piece of the puzzle but also important, you don't want to look like plastic, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with some retouching to smooth things over and make you look your best! Ultimately, just make sure you connect with your photographers style. Each photographer has a unique way of posing, lighting and editing so take a careful look through their portfolio and make sure you love it. Photography aside, here are some additional tips to help you get the most out of your session:

  •  Come prepared with photos and poses that you like from your photographers portfolio. This is important! Don't come with Pinterest photos or the work of another photographer. Hopefully you chose your photographer because you love their style, so stick to examples of their work :)  
  • Outfits. Your Boudoir photographer should provide recommendations/preferences according to their style but as a rule, wear something that makes you feel sexy and flatters you well! We think black or other neutral colors are classic and that bodysuits are AMAZING. Seriously though, as long as they fit you properly, they are so flattering. We don't love corsets and prefer outfits you can easily move and pose in. The 'sexy sweater' is a GREAT option and usually results in photos you can proudly share on social media without offending grandma :).
  • Makeup. This is our personal favorite of course! Many photographers in the Boudoir industry require that you have your makeup professionally done. If they don't, we HIGHLY recommend it. We promise this isn't just because we are biased! You want to feel and look amazing in these photos and having your makeup professionally done is a big part of that. An experienced artist knows how to make your features stand out in the photos and ensure you look your absolute best. Note: Your makeup will be bolder than the every day look for most, and we promise it will look amazing in your photos. 
  • Hair. Whether you are having your hair professionally done or are doing it yourself, make sure it is freshly washed, big, and curled. You will be playing with your hair a lot during your session so you may want to pass on the clip in extensions. 
  • Fingers and Toes. Skip the bright pink nail polish please! Neutral tones, french manicure or even no nail polish at all is best. Give them a good file though to make sure they look nice and even :). 
  • Bikini Line and Waxing. Don't assume that everything can be edited out, and unwanted hair fits in that category unfortunately.  Your photos will turn out best you are well groomed, or if you prefer you can choose an outfit where it isn't an issue. Just please follow your regular routine as the first time you get a wax (for example) it may not go as "smooth" (no pun intended :P) as expected. 
  • Skin Care. Exfoliate and moisturize. Repeat. Prep your skin properly in the weeks leading up to your session and most importantly arrive to your makeup appointment with clean, well moisturized skin. Just make sure you don't try any new products within a week of your session in case of unwanted reactions. 
  • Tanning. Avoid the bed and consider a spray instead. At Bellamore Beauty, we love Organic Tan. The color is just right, they last and a spray tan specialist applies the tan instead of a machine, resulting in an even application and no missed spots. 

Whoever you chose to be a part of your Boudoir session we hope it's amazing and that you realize how beautiful you truly are when you get your stunning photos back. <3

Boudoir is more than just a photoshoot. It is a whole experience. It is celebrating your body and your unique beautiful self
— Monica Cumberbatch from Redbloom Photography

The photographers responsible for the beautiful images below are two of our absolute favorites: 

Jenny with Gingersnap Photography:; @_gingersnapphotography

Monica with Redbloom Photography:; @calgaryboudoir